Pot of tea or cafetiere of coffee (de-caffeinated on request).

Pure orange or grapefruit juice.

Selection of cereals with nuts and dried fruits.

Grapefruit segments.

Local yoghurts.

Fresh fruit.

Thickly-sliced toast with home-made preserves.

And a choice of…

Full cooked breakfast: Bacon, sausage, egg (fried/poached/scrambled), tomato, mushrooms, hash brown.

Vegetarian cooked breakfast: Vegetarian bacon and sausage, egg (fried/poached/scrambled), tomato, mushrooms, hash brown.

Kipper fillets with brown bread and butter.

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon.

Welsh rarebit / buck rabbit: A thick slice of toasted white bread, topped with a cheesy sauce and grilled until bubbling, with or without a poached egg. Absolutely no rabbits!

Coddled egg: A traditional Victorian dish where the egg is cooked in a porcelain coddler immersed in boiling water. Served with buttered toast soldiers.

Croissant and crumpets.